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Collaborative Digital Networks (CDN), is a specialist team of communications consultants here in NZ. We bring a wealth of expert hands-on industry knowledge to tackle every client challenge.

The CDN team has been delivering Critical Communications services since 2006. Today we build, supply, and maintain communication solutions around NZ and the globe.

As a service provider, operator, and supplier of mission-critical communications services nationally and globally, CDN understands your operations and we know that the right solutions can change your outcomes for the better.

CDN’s critical communications or command and control solutions provide secure resilient and comprehensive solutions for your people – whether it’s corporate communications, video, call taking or dispatch across CDN’s in-country cloud service, or your own on-premise deployment.

Our Managed service team brings all these services together to deliver comprehensive solutions that combine both traditional and new capabilities as well as providing support services to help you deliver the best possible operational outcomes.