Stand 54

NEC New Zealand is a mixture of bright young talent coupled with tried and tested experience, blending together a multitude of cultures in a seamless and typical New Zealand way, to deliver great customer outcomes. We’re Kiwis and proud of it! In New Zealand, we are focussed and committed to working with Telecommunications Companies, Government and Law Enforcement agencies to deliver a safer and more connected community for everyone.

NEC Group has delivered world-class technology solutions and services to customers across the globe, for more than a century. For over 30 years in New Zealand, NEC has built a sophisticated technology services company which brings together the best technology and the best people to ensure our customers capture maximum value from their IT and networking investments. NEC connects people through reliable communication infrastructure while also helping to keep communities safe and secure with intelligent surveillance systems and the world’s leading biometrics identification technologies, and underpinning network, transport and security platforms.