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5G in Critical Communications

Meeting Rooms 22 June 2022 2:30 pm - 3:00 pm

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Dr Robert Joyce

Many people have said 5G will be required to deliver Critical Communications, but this presentation will show why 5G is ideally suited and in fact has been designed from the beginning to meet the needs of Critical Communication systems.

The presentation begins by outlining the “3 Cs” required for Critical Communication Systems and goes on to explain how 5G meets all of these three requirements.

The presentation then looks at some 5G Critical Communication use cases supported by Nokia public and private 5G networks and some of the work being undertaken with Industry and Academia to better understand the capabilities and limitations of 5G for Critical Communications.

Finally, the presentation looks to the future and what types of applications and devices the critical networks of 2030 will need to support and how 5G will evolve through 5G-Advanced towards 6G over this period to support these new requirements.

Dr Robert Joyce — Chief Technology Officer – Australia & New Zealand Nokia