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Closing panel session: Looking to the future – what is possible with the available resources and funding?

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Intelsat Theatre 13 May 2021 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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Chris Stevens
Hamish Duff
Paul Reid
Myles Connew

We often discuss what ‘we’d would like to see’ or what ‘is technically possible’. But are these ‘pie in the sky ideas”? These outcomes often are out of reach due to resources and funding. So what is it that we can reasonability expect to have available for our front line services in New Zealand in 2030?

Topics include:

  • Public Safety Narrowband
  • Public Safety Broadband
  • NG111
  • Big data and data sharing
  • AI and VR
  • Interoperability v integration

Moderator: Chris Stevens — Managing Director, CartGIS Pty Ltd

Panel members:

  • Corey Weir Chairman, RFUANZ
  • Myles Connew — Operations Director, EA Networks
  • Paul Reid — CEO, Mimox Wireless
  • Hamish Duff — Managing Director, Mastercom

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