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Closing the gap in New Zealand’s Public Safety Network

13 June 2023 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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Graham Tait
Jodi Favaloro

The incoming Public Safety Network for New Zealand’s frontline emergency services responders, which includes a digital land mobile radio network to enable continued communication even in the event of a significant natural disaster, will start to be rolled out this year. However, the timeline for completion is still years away, leaving the emergency services industry exposed in the meantime.

This presentation will focus on highlighting the technology behind a complementary solution available to emergency services today. Developed by Wireless Innovation, Hypha Mesh Solutions use satellite and traditional mobility technologies, enabled by Cradlepoint wireless networking solutions, as a back-up solution to LMR communications, enabling push to talk radio services for disaster recovery teams where existing infrastructure has been destroyed.

While the need for this complementary solution has emerged in New Zealand now, Wireless Innovation has a number of customers globally already using Hypha Mesh. This presentation will include examples of customer use cases, including Queensland and NSW Ambulance.

Graham Tait – Mesh Solutions Lead, Hypha Wireless
Jodi Favoloro – APAC Sales Engineer, Cradlepoint