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Benefits of next-generation control room technology

14 June 2023 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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Martin Rampl

Today´s public safety control centres face the challenge of processing an increasing number of incoming information streams from multiple sources. Control room operators are required to access, assess, and respond to relevant incidents quickly and intelligently. However, existing control room systems have defined capabilities that are rigid, spread across a number of platforms and applications, and costly to modify. In addition, disparate radio networks and standards between agencies hinder effective communication especially when responding to major disasters.

Next generation control centre solutions, like the Frequentis LifeX multi-media control centre platform, offer significant benefits by integrating real-time multi-media data into workflows which enables faster and better-informed decision-making, enhances service quality, lowers operator workload and provides greater cost-efficiency.

Furthermore, Frequentis control centre technology and applications enable interoperability between disparate communication technologies and domains. Open architecture principles prevent vendor lock-in on the radio network and control centre side.

The Frequentis LifeX platform offers direct integration with widely deployed Computer-Aided-Dispatch solutions using web-based Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). LifeX also provides standard interface to adjacent information systems.

Transitioning legacy technologies to a modern control room platform will help agencies to improve their ability to assess information and respond accordingly, leading to better response to emergencies and better support of frontline responders.

Martin Rampl – Managing Director, Frequentis Australasia