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Coverage Enhancement for PMR/LMR Networks

Meeting Rooms 22 June 2022 4:30 pm - 5:00 pm

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Alireza Etmadfar

The deployment and use of Operations-critical communications networks is growing – particularly in the public safety, transport, resources and utilities sectors.  Although many radio sites are often designed into these networks, the reliable coverage provided to users is mostly limited to outdoor areas.  Operators are under increasing pressure to extend the coverage of their networks into more locations – including inside buildings, road and rail tunnels, and other public and workplace locations.  This is increasingly important to ensure the health and safety of personnel is maintained while they perform the functions of their roles.  Rebroadcast Repeaters offer a cost-effective solution to extend available outdoor networks into coverage-deprived locations.  A variety of product types using various techniques are available to provide coverage enhancement solutions that can satisfy the many different network technologies that are in use, their deployment applications, and associated regulatory requirements.

Alireza Etemadfar — Systems Product Manager – RF