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Delivering High-Throughput Satellite Connectivity for Critical Communications

Intelsat Theatre 12 May 2021 4:00 pm - 4:30 pm

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Robert Suber

Connectivity and uninterrupted services are absolutely critical during this pandemic. The satellite sector has remained critical to keep nations and economies going, especially in rural/remote areas. The satellite industry has been actively supporting Service Providers and the Government sectors during this time to extend coverage, upgrade services and overcome challenges. With Intelsat’s high-throughput satellite, H-3e, covering New Zealand, it can meet the requirements for any provider to provision any telecommunications services, be it for mobile connectivity, enterprise solutions, wireless broadband, disaster recovery or IOT solutions, so that they can cater to the most demanding communications needs in New Zealand with a population density of ~19 per Km2. This session will focus on demonstrating how you can leverage satellite solutions to economically connect people, places and things everywhere In New Zealand.

Robert Suber – Managing Director, Intelsat Oceania