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Digital land mobile radio and mobile broadband landscape — key information for evolving critical wireless communications

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Theatre 1 12 May 2021 4:00 pm - 4:30 pm

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Anton Abrahams

Sharing the latest industry trends and progress of international standardisation efforts.

A year is becoming a long time in critical communications.

Much has happened around the critical communications world in the past 18 months, including product developments to 3GPP releases for critical broadband technologies for public safety and other mission-critical users by a number of vendors and trials by users.

ETSI and TCCA carried out PlugTesting for critical broadband between various vendors and integrators in Europe and the USA, and there is progress with international projects predicated on delivering mission-critical broadband services such as FirstNet, UK ESN, Korean SafeNet and other national initiatives.

With the introduction of broadband/LTE for business- and mission-critical radio communications, users face an increasing need to integrate, transition, converge, to a variety of voice and data technologies that include evolving critical mobile radio (LMR) solutions and the introduction of LTE 4G, 5G critical broadband technologies that will address user needs into the future via combinations of LMR/LTE hybrids solutions, multimode devices, tablets and ruggedised smartphone devices.

With the use of multiple communication devices in the field using various different communication networks there is a need for voice and data interoperability at the edge and back office and furthermore AI/ML can play a significant role in helping solve coverage issues and switch to networks that provide a good coverage at a given time without operator intervention.

Also new applications and technologies are being integrated in control rooms where the focus on critical voice continues while computer-aided call-taking and dispatch embraces more complex messaging, location and various data payloads. More data such as incident information, video, images etc. is being made available to resources in the field.

Anton Abrahams – Chairman, Australasian Critical Communications Forum

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