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Private LTE – lessons learnt and technology for the US market

Meeting Rooms 22 June 2022 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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John Yaldwyn
Owen Borlase

Private LTE is going viral in the USA now that suitable spectrum has become available. The remarkable progress being made in private LTE deployments has been made possible by a number of pragmatic FCC spectrum decisions. With the private LTE ecosystem it is not enough to have spectrum, practical networks require FCC approved devices. This approval is not always a straightforward process. Why does this matter to end users? Private LTE network design is constrained by spectrum and device choices, and those constraints need to be minimised for best value. A clear understanding of the whole regulatory process is important to leverage spectrum and hardware investments. To build out the supply of approved devices for the US market, a New Zealand-designed router has been introduced. The presentation will trace the development of the advanced LTE packet processing platform from early prototypes through to production. In addition to the compute-intensive design aspects, the presentation will include some discussion on packaging, vibration and thermal challenges.

John Yaldwyn — CTO – 4RF Ltd

Owen Borlase — VP of Research & Development – 4RD Ltd