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Has DMR killed the analog star?

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Theatre 2 13 May 2021 1:30 pm - 2:00 pm

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Gary Ertel

Everybody loves(d) analog radio networks. CTCSS, 5 tone ah those were the days. But then came along DMR (the new kid on the block). Everybody was excited and flocked to it (for voice oh and of course GPS). In the meantime Data Over Radio had developed an email system to operate over analog repeater networks. The system could send Word, Excel documents, with photos as emails to any email address. With the introduction of DMR variants no-one was interested in analog. DMR offered two time slots, DMR offered digital communications, DMR was new and exciting.

Investigations and further developments have found that a lot of radio dealers still sell only voice solutions. Some dealers still use 5 tone analog for remote control of gates and other access control systems. Why? One has to ask.

Training, one has to reply.  The presentation will compare the technologies with respect to data applications that can be available on both technologies or individual technologies.

The presentation will give an overview of solutions that can be deployed easily and those that might take some head scratching.

Gary Ertel – Director, Data Over Radio

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