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How the ‘mobile first’ perspective is changing how we equip first responders

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Theatre 1 12 May 2021 11:00 am - 11:30 am

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TJ Kennedy

With the ability of public safety to now truly leverage broadband wireless mission-critical communications, the current dynamic mobile communications technology landscape is shifting the public safety market from a focus on large, fixed infrastructure projects to a mobile first approach. This shift recognises the mobile nature of the public safety workforce and the need for the technology they use to be fully accessible in and designed specifically for their mobile public safety environment. We plan to discuss how, with mobile first solutions for public safety, there is a pressing need for public safety agencies to ensure every first responder is issued a smartphone. Doing so achieves significant operational and cost efficiencies that will make a real difference in the amount of time public safety personnel spend on reports and in the station, rather than in their communities, where they want and need to be.

TJ Kennedy – Co-Founder, The Public Safety Network

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