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Investing in future-proofed TETRA solutions

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Theatre 2 12 May 2021 11:30 am - 12:00 pm

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Colin Bresnahan

London’s Metropolitan Police Service is developing its TETRA based radio solution to not only secure its future communication capability into the next decade, but also to improve its immediate operational efficiency, enhance officer safety and improve asset management.

By utilising intelligent applications built into the radio software, organisations can enhance standard administration processes, including software updates, programming updates and simple maintenance tasks such as battery change. More complex solutions can link TETRA devices to third party devices and share critical data over the TETRA network, ensuring better operational outcomes. Future developments could include utilisation of artificial intelligence to drive automated responses to pre-defined activity.

By utilising TETRA as the critical communications platform — with its proven reliability, security and robustness — and harnessing the power of additional data sources, the MPS is ensuring that it is prepared for future communication needs, with a platform that can evolve with critical communications technology.

Colin Bresnahan – Business Manager, Oceania, Sepura

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