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Is LoRa WAN a viable option for Critical Messaging?

Meeting Rooms 23 June 2022 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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Brad Welch

Over the last 50+ years there are many various ways Critical Messages have been delivered to handheld devices to alert Emergency Responders to critical situations. From the early technologies of Golay, 2-Tone, 5-tone POCSAG and Flex paging to cellular technologies such as SMS, 2/3/4G data to Smart Phone Apps. All of these have advantages and disadvantages depending on the situational requirement, type of Emergency or Disaster. In all reality using a combination of these technologies gives best results for reliability and resilience for ensuring messages are delivered in quick time to ensure rapid repose when needed.

LoRa WAN is another technology that can be added to this mix and is currently being used by some agencies in Europe. In this presentation we will look at what the possibilities are for using this technology in New Zealand, what infrastructure is available now as well as advantages and limitations.

Presentation outline:

  • LoRa WAN Overview- what is it and how is it currently used?
  • LoRa Wan Networks in NZ
  • How LoRa WAN can work for Critical Messaging- Advantages/ Disadvantages?
  • Case studies of how LoRa Wan is being used in Critical Messaging
  • Summary and questions


Brad Welch — General Manager – TPL Systems Asia Pacific.