Long Range Digital Radio for Land Search & Rescue

Meeting Rooms 22 June 2022 9:45 am - 10:15 am

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Matt Ellingham
Jono Sands

In early 2019, the Wakatipu LandSAR group made a request to the LandSAR NZ to fund equipment and expertise for a LRDR Proof of Concept.

The first field trials highlighted some challenges, including user training and integration/configuration issues within the system. The extended duration of the PoC has allowed these issues to be resolved. The results of the PoC have been overwhelmingly positive, with the most recent field trials in December 2020 allowing HF transmissions via NVIS between sites not previously accessible via traditional VHF methods.

This Initiative leverages and builds on the PoC work done to date, and will extend that PoC into a wider Pilot, to enable exhaustive end to end field testing over an extended duration (including actual SAROP’s if they were to occur during the evaluation phase), and to widen the geographical coverage area to cover the Tasman SAR district and/or other adjoining districts.

Matt Ellingham — Group Support Equipment & Technology NZ – Land Search & Rescue.

Jono Sands — Director – Ignition Networks