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Low earth orbit satellites are changing the IoT game – three industry use cases

Meeting Rooms 23 June 2022 12:15 pm - 12:45 pm

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Hamish Hutton

IoT/Industry 4.0 is taking off around the world but is restricted by cellular coverage. In 2019 ex NASA engineers launched a satellite network specifically for low cost remote IOT – called Swarm. Organisations are attracted to Swarm’s economics. But most are looking for a plug and play solution. ioSphere is building universal Swarm gateways for industrial applications.
The South Island is the perfect place to develop hardware for satellite IoT, see below:
• Every type of landscape
• All the world’s big industries
• Government focused on supporting innovation through Callaghan
• Huge talent pool of RF electronics engineers thanks to Tait and UC
• 2 degrees of separation from decision makers in NIWA, ChCh City Council, Bathurst Resources etc..
• NZ was also one of the first countries to certify Swarm
We’re leveraging all those great advantages to build a fast growing IoT business
Case study 1 – EA Networks – Collaboration with Dynamic Ratings (part of Wilson transformers). ioSphere gateway connected to a 20 MVA power transformer on a substation in Ashburton. Bringing back oil temperature, air temp and voltage.
Case Study 2 – Stockton Mine, Bathurst Resources – Deployment of a ioSphere gateway connected to a Phathom water turbity sensor monitoring water quality in a stream adjacent to a test drilling site.
Case Study 3 – DC machines – Deployment of an ioSphere gateway on a large winch assist machine. Bringing back machine telemetry and log throughput.

Hamish Hutton — CEO – ioSphere