Multi-channel and low audio latency required for NZ Police Voice Linking Project

Meeting Rooms 23 June 2022 10:30 am - 11:00 am

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Ronald Martinez
Richard Hutchinson

Requiring an expansion to their multi-channel linking equipment and replacement for aging and unsupported analogue backhaul equipment in their network, New Zealand Police selected Mimomax Tornado radios to deploy in their 400MHz LMR network. With some links as long as 45 kilometers, hilly terrain and some non-line-of-sight paths to manage, the project required careful path planning prior to deployment to ensure high availability for the network. 

During this session, Richard Hutchinson, Infrastructure Engineer at NZ Police, and Ronald Martinez, Regional Sales Manager at Mimomax, will provide an overview of this project, highlighting system requirements, site complexities and the terrain challenges of this type of deployment in New Zealand.

Ronald Martinez — Regional Sales Manager – Mimomax Wireless 

Richard Hutchinson — Infrastructure Engineer – NZ Police