PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT TRAINING WORKSHOP: RF filtering and transmitter multi-coupling systems

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Workshop Rooms 11 May 2021 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm

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Mark Mezzapica

This workshop will provide industry professionals with targeted industry-specific training as it relates to multi-coupling, to enhance their professional learning and development pathways. The workshop will contain theory and practical components focusing on:


  • What is multicoupling?
  • Why use it?
  • Typical components
  • The role of filters
  • Receiver desensitisation
    • Transmitter noise desense
    • Transmitter carrier desense
  • How much isolation is needed?
  • Single vs separate antennas
  • Typical transmitter combiners
    • Series
    • Parallel (Star)
    • Hybrid
  • Combiner frequency limitations
    • Insertion loss vs channel spacing
  • Typical receiver combiners
  • Other considerations
    • AS/NZS 5070.1:2008
      • Siting and operation of radiocommunications facilities
    • PIM (passive intermodulation)
    • PIP (peak instantaneous power)
    • Lightning (grounding)
    • Comparison of isolation requirements
      • Wide guard bands
      • Narrow guard bands


  • Cavity tuning
    • Setting insertion loss/selectivity
    • Coarse and fine tuning
    • Tuning insertion loss vs return loss
  • Milled preselector tuning
    • Tuning return loss and selectivity

Facilitated by RFUANZ and presented by
 Mark Mezzapica – Chief Technology Officer, RF Industries Pty Ltd

This Pre-Conference Professional Development Training workshop is available to be purchased separately or in addition to the one or two-day conference packages.


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