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Network switching at the edge and voice interoperability

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Theatre 1 12 May 2021 3:30 pm - 4:00 pm

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Sohan Domingo

In this session Sohan Domingo will present that the future of mission-critical networks will involve a combination of different bearer networks for voice communication between users in the field and control centre operators. A combination of this sort needs a redundant and robust integrated backend infrastructure along with the front-end vehicle communication components to support voice interoperability between multiple bearers such as satellite, LMR, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LTE. This will enable field personnel using applications such as PTT to communicate over cellular service or other available bearer networks using a concept called smart bearer switching when there is no LMR coverage.

The presentation will also address how multi-bearer switching between networks using software-based edge computing algorithms provides enhanced communication services in a mission-critical and non-mission-critical environment, especially areas where there is no LMR or LTE coverage.

Sohan’s presentation will also highlight the need for an application middleware solution to solve the issue of data Interoperability faced in various industries today, especially when industries implement applications from disparate vendors which do not integrate with each other. The presentation will also run through some of the latest implementation of applications in cloud that can be provided as SaaS to industries such as public safety, utilities, transportation, etc best approach to implement cloud vs edge computing. Sohan will also highlight the use of the data integration platform to solve critical issues faced in the industry, especially around public safety today; for example, receiving and sharing location information of portable radios in the field to external applications like CAD. In addition, the presentation will highlight how a simple application middleware can be developed into a smarter integration platform with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Sohan Domingo – Head of Product Management – Unified Solutions, Tait Radio

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