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TVNZ’s role in delivering critical communications

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Intelsat Theatre 13 May 2021 11:30 am - 12:00 pm

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Wayne Huggard

TVNZ plays a vital role in delivering critical communications to all New Zealanders.

As part of our mandate, we keep our viewers informed in times of crisis. We provide accurate information and rapidly disseminate it across our platforms and channels.
To execute this, we’ve put more resources into our broadcast operations, building systems, backup sites and cloud technologies. Continual innovation and investment allows TVNZ to work flexibly with less reliance on fixed processes. TVNZ needs to go to air regardless of the conditions.
Our work as a lifeline utility is not accomplished in isolation — consultation with government bodies, emergency services and key officials is crucial.
Our discussion would cover TVNZ’s diverse communications channels and our role during the Christchurch/Kaikora earthquakes. We can also demonstrate how we operated during the NZICC fire — an event which forced us out of our building for a week and required DR execution to ensure news programming could still be delivered. We will be able to provide a discussion on our operations, the positive outtakes and the lessons learnt.

Wayne Huggard – Transmission Services Manager, TVNZ

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