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UHF and SWARM communications deliver remote pest control solution

Meeting Rooms 23 June 2022 2:30 pm - 3:00 pm

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Gary Chisholm

In May 2021 WTE Ltd won a contract to provide a data radio communications solution to the Pomona Island Trust so they could get the information needed on how to improve pest control in a very inaccessible Fiordland, NZ location. They wanted to know when and where pests were caught in their traps to improve the kill rate and drive replenishment costs down.

This presentation explains design and testing of the components, such as radio effectiveness in dense forest, and building a standalone system. Since it is a challenge to get to the site, the system was designed to be standalone with no downtime and minimal servicing. The majority of this system is locally made.

It was installed in one day in September 2021 and has provided immediate notification of a trap triggering as well as daily data from all the traps including battery state and temperature. This has helped the Trust manage trips to the island, therefore saving money.

It is now easy to take this system and use it in a variety of markets such as rural security and SCADA control and monitoring in remote locations.

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