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Web and GIS mapping for radio communications

Meeting Rooms 22 June 2022 12:00 pm - 12;30

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Chris Stevens

As digital LMR locations services become more prevalent, how do we ensure that our radio management systems, CAD systems, Common Operating Pictures and other mapping applications provide us with the situational awareness base mapping that we require. This presentation will give an overview of what web and application base mapping is, what is available in the marketplace, how to use your own data and/or maps, common mapping protocols and APIs. The presentation will discuss concepts such as web map services (WMS), web map tile services (WMTS), vector base maps, map engines and APIs. It will also discuss Enterprise and Open-Source mapping server options along with real life case studies. More importantly this presentation will teach you that the application mapping world is much larger than just Google maps.

Chris Stevens — Managing Director – CartGIS