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Wireless utility communications for a data-driven IoT-focused future

Intelsat Theatre 13 May 2021 1:30 pm - 2:00 pm

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Paul Reid

The push towards smart grids and grid modernisation in the utility world is driving an explosion of connected and increasingly intelligent grid devices.  Monitoring, controlling and gathering data from these devices is, in turn, driving the need for comprehensive, resilient communications platforms.

Drawing from expertise gained in deploying extensive wireless networks for large utilities in the United States, Paul Reid, CEO at Mimomax Wireless, will give a side-line view of how North American utilities are planning communications networks to support this highly connected, IoT focused future.  Using a series of Field Area Network case studies, Paul will outline how these networks are designed and the types of grid assets they connect such as intellirupters, commercial and residential solar inverters and underground and overhead capbanks.

Providing a snapshot of the latest approaches in wireless utility communications in North America, this session will draw on experience gained in deployments for Salt River Project in Arizona and Great River Energy in Minnesota.

Paul Reid — CEO, Mimomax Wireless