Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc (SEL)

At SEL every day, we work to make electric power safer, more reliable, and more economical. This is something all of our employee owners take to heart because when electric power is safe, reliable, and economical, it changes people’s lives. From generation to consumption, our products and solutions are critical at every stage of the electric power system. They prevent blackouts and restore power faster; add cybersecurity, automation, and communications; and incorporate new, cutting-edge technologies that we invent, design, and manufacture right here at SEL.

Use SEL communications solutions to enable secure remote access to substation IEDs and distribution control devices beyond substations. Remote communication allows faster response to problems and increased efficiency of utility resources. Plus, when you choose an SEL solution, you get more than just a product—you get the industry’s best customer service and technical support.

Our communications devices are tested to the same high standards as our relays and carry the same ten-year warranty.

Apply SEL communications solutions to:

  • Collect current and voltage measurements from across the system.
  • Operate reclosers and switches remotely and monitor status.
  • Locate temporary and permanent faults.
  • Implement LANs in your substations.
  • Provide security gateways for IEDs.
  • Increase network security with software-defined networking (SDN).
  • Lay the foundation for distribution automation and power quality solutions.

For more information about SEL products and services please contact;

Paul Goodison, Ph 021 662 919 or visit