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60Ghz – Gig backhaul for CCTV and Wi-Fi enabling Smart Cities – Case Studies from the Region

14 June 2023 12:15 pm - 12:45 pm

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Roy Wittert

– “A City is only as Smart as the Connectivity it empowers”. The emergence of the 802.11ay standards, chipsets from QUALCOMM and Terragraph from Facebook/Meta, saw the emergence of Cambium Networks’ range of cnWave 60GHz a couple of years ago.   MBIE(RSM) made the full 57GHz-71GHz band (6 channels) available for Fixed Wireless use in NZ in Aug 2022, following on from Aust (ACMA) and the US (FCC).  This has made it possible to deploy gigabit and multi-gigabit backhaul from interference of Wi-Fi and other sub 6GHz wireless technology.  The presentation will provide a brief overview of the technology and highlight some recent deployments in NZ as well as Aust and the US, demonstrating how effective it is.

Roy Wittert – Regional Director, Cambium Networks