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Leveraging public assets for network expansion

14 June 2023 11:45 am - 12:15 pm

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Matthew Schultz

Cities can facilitate network deployment by making their assets and land available to network providers – and foster true public-private partnerships. Both cities and network providers can benefit from the use of local authority assets in this way. Simplifying the interactions between cities and the telecommunications industry promises to significantly accelerate expansion of existing wireless networks and connectivity, and by extension support local economic growth and digital inclusion in cities across the world.

The G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance Model Policy for Public Asset Use aims to provide –

  • Guidance on how to host communications infrastructure on city property, supported by case studies on models and approaches to consider;
  • Insights on collaborations with connectivity providers to advance the connectivity and broader smart city objectives of the city; and
  • Guidance on the processes for landlords and communications operators to follow when considering siting digital communications infrastructure on city property.


Matt Schultz – Partner, Gravelroad Group